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The easiest way to create online unlimited 360 degree virtual tours. Virtual Reality on a new level.
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virtualtourweb 360°
Basically anyone, no matter if a private person (for example, taking 360° pictures or filming at a club or a private party), a business owner, an enthusiast biker or motorbiker to bigger companies, car vechicle dealers, museums, real estate agents or small or big events holders. Anyone can use it to create outstanding Virtual Tours; it can create almost anything, even embed a complete webshop into an image
VirtualTourWeb 360° is the easiest and the most complete application that allows you to create unlimited VR video tours, customize them through a simple, intuitive, robust, effective backend and watch them over a VR headset. Everything ONLINE; no need to download any dedicated software!
Intuitive Backend
Create virtual tours, upload panorama images, add Marker and POIs, create maps, and more ...
Use the backend and view your tours on your pc, tablet or mobile in the same way..
Multi Language
There are 13+ languages pre-installed and you can choose the one for you.
Editor UI
With the interface editor you can customize your tour as you like, moving elements and changing colors.
Different panorama types with 360 support: image, video, live stream and lottie.
Customize and place the markers that allow you to navigate from one point of the tour to another.
Show your contents inside your tour, such as images, videos, links, maps, forms, 3d objects and more.
Import / export
Download your tours as standalone or importable packages.
Keep track of all the statistics of your tours and visitors.
Other Features
Fast pre-loading
Load the images of the panoramas in the background to avoid stress while navigating the tour.
3D View
Create a 3D view (known as a dollhouse) and show your tour in an immersive and interactive mode.
Live sessions & meetings
Invite people to your shared tour via video/audio calls and chat.
A new way to present tours by telling your own story.
Virtual staging
View the before and after versions of a panorama in the same view by splitting the screen.
Icon, sounds and music
Integrate your own media files or those licensed by us.
Maps & floor plans
Manage floor plans on multiple levels to better divide your scenes and geolocate your points on the map.
POIs Style
Be creative and take advantage of Points of Interest's extensive customization with images, videos, links, 3D files and more.
Virtual reality
Experience the virtual reality tour directly in the browser using a mobile phone or compatible VR headset.
360 video
Support for 360 degree videos as a panorama.
View all your tours on a single page.
View all your tours on the world map.
Video project
Create personalized videos of your tour and add text, images and more.
AI Panorama
Imagine a panorama, describe it and the artificial intelligence will create it for you.
More backend features
• Approximately 2000 licensed icons included
• Tour creation assistant
• Blur part of the panoramic image
• Effects on the panoramic image
• Library of custom symbols
• Media/Music Library
• Disk space usage
• Landing page
• Publish (link or embed code generator)
• Preview
• Protect tours with a password
• White label
• Dark/white color theme
• Dashboard
• 360° video tour for YouTube/Facebook creation
• Download your own tour/video project
• Download your own slideshow
More viewer features
• Image gallery/video slideshow
• “click anywhere” mode
• POI's planning
• Compass showing north
• Nadir logo (to hide the tripod)
• Automatic rotation when inactive
• Effects (snow, rain, fog, fireworks, confetti, glitter)
• Fly-in effect
• Transition effects
• Passcode/leads form to protect room access
• Advertising
• Info box
• Facebook messenger/whatsapp chat
• Voice command support
• Use your own sounds
• Custom right-click context menu
You will be registered as a Free Trial (7 days) first; the idea is to let you accommodate with the whole platform and once you have seen everything, to choose the plan which suits you better. Just check all features / functions on the left side column and compare them with each plan to decide later which one would be the right for you. There are only few differences between plans, regarding features. Further info per each plan will be shown within your account dashboard, e.g. number of tours, markers, pois, storage quota, panoramas, gallery images.
Info box
Loading Image/Video
Video 360° tour
Video projects
3D view
Editor UI
2000 Licensed Icons Library
Media library
Music library
2000 Licensed Sounds Library
Voice commands
Multi Language
Nadir logo
Own pictures/video
Custom HTML
Auto rotate
Fly in
Password tour - Password/Leads
Annotations / Remarks
Video 360° panorama
Powered by logo - Image/Text
Multiple room views
Protect rooms
Right click content
Device orientation
Expiry dates
Meta tags
Automatic translation
Live Session Audio/Video
Landing page
Download slideshow
Download tour
A.I. Panorama
Live Meetings
All cameras supported
Virtual Tour Web supports all 360 panoramic images and videos (very important: equirectangular format), whether you use a 360 camera, a DSLR / cell phone by merging images or rendering your images with 3D software.
Non-panoramic images are also supported!
There are several 360° cameras on the market, which can shoot very crisp both images and videos; some professional, some for enthusiats. Pro: Nokia OZO, Insta Titan, Insta Pro 2, Qoocam 8K Enterprise. I will not disclose any info here about Matterport because is WAY OVERPRICED, is mostly used for 3D scanning and is very slow! Enthusiats: Insta360 RS-1, Insta360 X3, PanoX V2, Ricoh Theta X, Ricoh Thety Z1. Based on my experience (former TV cameraman) and the fact that I have used several cameras by now (not all of them, of course), I would suggest choosing the Insta360 Pro2, Insta 360 RS-1, Insta 360 X3, Qoocam 8K. Personally, I would stick with the X3 (as an overall cam - price, quality, shooting photo / video, dimensions) – it can shoot at least 90 minutes without any problems; it's also smaller and fits better in your pocket.
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