· This document entitled "Terms and Conditions" constitutes the legal agreement between you as a Client, User and/or Visitor and Assist Control S.R.L., regarding the use of the Site, ordering a GDPR policy, accessing and using the Site's facilities, etc. For the proper use of the Site, we recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions in advance. Accessing and visiting the Site, registering a user/customer account, and placing an Order means full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

· In order to easily access the products, we make available to you, you must unequivocally and fully accept these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions, even in part, please do not use the Site. Also, if, at any time, these Terms and Conditions are no longer accepted by you, please stop accessing and using the Site immediately.

· The terms and conditions may be modified at any time without prior notice. Changes and information regarding their validity will be posted on this site, in order to inform those interested / concerned. Users, Visitors and Customers must refer to the rules, rights, obligations, procedures, etc. provided by the Terms and Conditions in the format valid on the date of interaction with the Site, without an obligation of Assist Control S.R.L. to inform them individually about updates and / or changes.


· Virtual Tour Web is an online project that aims to give any user the possibility to create and generate virtual tours. Morevover, we also offer our users the possibility to create and generate special Map Locators with "Points of Interest", as a free of charge service! We aim to support you with services and products that meet the needs arising as a result of the digitization of the economy. We also want to work with all our customers to improve our services, or to create new services or products that meet their emerging needs.

· Our identification data is as follows:

· Name: Assist Control S.R.L.

· Registered office: Tamasi, Corbeanca, Str. Frasinului, no. 11, postal code 077068, Jud. Ilfov

· Trade register registration number: J23/225/2012

· ID number: 29625873

· Contact form: Contact form (for protection against SPAM, we do not use a direct email account) - average response time 2 working days

· Phone: +4915228498888 - you can contact us by phone between the hours: 09.00 – 17.00

Considering the fact that in this document certain words or phrases will be used repeatedly, we decided to make a list of the most common wordings to facilitate the correct understanding of the entire document:

· Order – represents the Client's intention, expressed through the website, through which he expresses his desire and commitment to purchase at least one subscription made available by us;

· Account – is a unique interface of our website that is accessible only to customers who create an account. Creating an account involves customizing a section of the site by entering a pseudonym, an email address and a password, a section that contains various information about the Customer.

· Contract – represents the distance contract concluded between us and you, our customers. This contract is concluded without the simultaneous physical presence of the Seller and the Buyer, contracts that are concluded by the acceptance, after careful reading, of this Document by the Buyer.

· Buyer/Client – any natural person, at least 18 years old, with full legal capacity or any person/legal entity, who creates an Account on the Site and places an online Order.

· Seller – represents the company Assist Control S.R.L., as we previously introduced ourselves.

· Document / Policy of Use / Terms and Conditions – this Policy of Use regarding the terms and conditions of use of the Site, also called "Terms and Conditions", "T&C" or "Policy" which will govern the contractual relationship between Assist Control and Customers, Users and / or Visitors and which will be interpreted in accordance with Romanian law. Any non-compliance or invalidity of a part or clause of the Terms and Conditions with other applicable legal provisions does not affect the validity and legality of the other provisions of the Policy.

· Product / Service – represents any of the subscription options (Basic, Pro, Premium or Ultimate) that are available to customers on the Virtual Tour Web site

· User – any person who has created an account on the site.

· Visitor – any person who accesses the site.

· Website – means our Virtual Tour Web site and any section, sub-page or sub-domain thereof.

· The Virtual Tour Web site is a public site that can be used by any person interested in purchasing one or more subscriptions from those marketed by us.

· We reserve the right to deny or restrict visitors' or customers' access to specific subsections or functions of the site if there is reasonable suspicion that fraud or circumvention of the site's policies is being attempted. Likewise, access will be denied or restricted whenever we have a reasonable suspicion that, through certain actions, an attempt is being made to harm our interests.

· We expressly prohibit any abusive use of our site, by abusive use we mean any action or inaction by which the rules set forth in this Policy or in any other existing policy on the site are not respected, any action that goes against good faith in commercial or contractual relations or any action that violates the legislation in force or good practices and / or morals.

· By selecting an online subscription, you express your desire and agreement to enter into a bilateral contractual relationship with us, the Assist Control team. An online order may contain one or more of the services that we sell in our online platform.

· Any natural person (if at least 18 years old) and any legal entity can place an order on the website. The order can be placed from the menu related to the Customer Account. The personal account will facilitate the interaction between us and you, will bring you additional benefits (for example: exclusive promotions, bonuses or discounts) and, more than that, you will be able to have a concrete record of all the orders you have had .

· Simply adding a product to the shopping cart will not automatically lead to the reservation of that item. Also, adding a product to the customer basket, without finalizing the purchase procedure, will not lead to the conclusion of a valid contract, correlative, we will not have the obligation to deliver that product.

· An order will be considered completed only after going through all the steps in the Order Completion/Invoicing Data menu and only after confirming the full payment of the price of the products or services you opted for. The payment will be considered made when our account is credited with the amount related to the products or services purchased by you.

· The products will be made available to customers through the account created on the website, immediately after the approval of the transaction and their payment.

· For the services sold on the Virtual Tour Web site, the price will be indicated exclusively in EURO. In certain situations, this price may or may not include VAT, but we will make the necessary mentions where necessary to inform you correctly.

· The price of the services is constantly updated. Please refer to the price value at checkout. Considering that you will have the possibility to opt for one of the available variants, the initially displayed price may undergo changes in accordance with the desired and checked options.

· Our services are monthly/annual subscription type; you agree to the monthly withdrawal from the bank account provided by you of the amount related to the price of this service, either through a direct debit service or a recurring payment with payment instruments or card. In the event that you would like to opt out of this type of service, you will have the opportunity to contact us using the specific menu in the website interface.

· We will issue the invoice related to the purchased products based on the identification data that you will communicate to us. The invoice will be delivered together with the ordered products, to your email or to the customer account, it being valid in this format and even without a stamp or signature from the issuer.

· Payment for services on the Virtual Tour Web site will be made online, with a bank card. Regarding this aspect, we note that no additional fees or commissions are applicable for payment by card. For bank card payments, the transaction will appear on the paying customer's account statement as "Assist Control S.R.L.". Regardless of the currency you have in your account, transactions will be made in EUR at your bank's exchange rate.

· The payment processor that will mediate transactions between customers and Virtual Tour Web is STRIPE. The accepted cards are Visa/Visa Electron, Mastercard/Maestro, PayPal and other variants accepted by Stripe, the payment being made under conditions of maximum security. Card data processing is done exclusively on STRIPE servers. WE DO NOT PROCESS TRANSACTIONS ON OUR SERVERS!

· Transactions are secured at a high level, so the payment will be made in the safest conditions. STRIPE does not store the confidential data on the card with which the transaction is made, but only transmits the necessary encrypted data through a secure connection with the processing bank.

· The services sold on the Virtual Tour Web site are exempt from the right of withdrawal from the contract, in accordance with the legislation in force, it is about the provision of digital content that is not delivered on a physical medium, and the provision has begun with prior agreement express of the consumer/buyer. Thus, we cannot offer a right of withdrawal, i.e. the amounts paid for the products purchased on our website cannot be refunded.

· Given that our services consist of online services, you understand and agree that after purchasing any of the products on the Virtual Tour Web site, you will not be able to withdraw from this contract. In this sense, by purchasing the services on the website, you expressly agree to the impossibility of withdrawing from the contract, respectively the impossibility of obtaining a refund of the sums of money advanced to Assist Control.

Assist Control still reserves the right, in certain particular situations, for valid reasons, to reimburse (in whole or in part) some amounts or costs incurred by you, but this right is a faculty that will be exercised according to the free judgment of the representatives Assist Control and without constituting an assumed obligation in this regard.

· Assist Control holds full rights over the names, titles, descriptions, products / services, files, images and materials published on the Website, as well as all intellectual, industrial, etc. property rights. arising from and relating to them. There may be situations in which Assist Control does not fully own property rights or some intellectual, industrial or commercial property rights regarding files, images, materials, etc. published on the Website, benefiting only from a right to use them. In any case, you are not allowed to trade, redistribute or reproduce these materials, nor to decompile or modify their structure, without the prior consent of Assist Control.
Assist Control DOES NOT hold any rights of other files, which are used by its clients and fully in control of any files attached to created and generated virtual tours, maps or any other finished product on Virtual Tour Web platform.

· In certain situations, we do not hold intellectual property rights for the images and photos used on this website, but only rights of use. In this sense, certain images and photos found on our website are used in compliance with the terms and conditions of their source (for more details, go to Unsplash). By way of example, we indicate situations where we have used images and photos from other sources, with mentions regarding the accreditation of the holder of the intellectual property rights or the author, - Unsplash.

· We are committed to keeping the information you provide us confidential. We respect and protect the data provided to us by customers and take all necessary measures to ensure a high degree of security. For more information on this aspect, please also read the Policy on the processing of personal data.

· When you use our website and create a customer account you are fully responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your access account data (username and password) and you agree to take full responsibility for the activities/actions carried out on the website. Our strong recommendation is that you do not disclose your access credentials to our website to any other person. To the extent that malicious activities will be carried out on your customer account, you will be jointly and severally liable with the person who carried out those actions.

· In the situation where the integrity of the access data to our website has been compromised, you have the obligation to notify us of this fact as a matter of urgency. Once notified, we will take firm action to restrict access to that account, and then generate a way for you to regain access to your account.

· If it is proven that you have knowingly provided access credentials to a third party, we reserve the right to permanently block or irreversibly delete your customer account. We also reserve the right to stop offering products and services to individuals and legal entities that have caused incidents such as those previously mentioned.

· The services that we make available to clients through our Virtual Tour Web site do not constitute legal advice or professional legal activity! The services available through the website are not specific to your specific situation, they represent document models that you can use in your activity or in your relationship with contractual partners.

· We are not and will not be liable if you provide us with wrong or incomplete information or data, you being fully responsible for the accuracy of this information. You hereby declare that you agree and understand that a large part of the functions of our website are automated, so the final result depends solely on the information you provide us or enter into the system.

· We emphasize that our obligations are of the means and not of the result, which means that we will do all the necessary diligence in order to deliver some products, but the final result does not depend on us, which is why you assume this in full.

· All documents, drafts, templates, etc. that we present on the site represent only a general skeleton from which one can start in the construction of a personalized document. In no case do these documents have a general applicability, this applicability being given by the additions you will make to the text of the documents, respecting the indications and recommendations in the documents. If you are unsure of the purpose of the created document, its validity or applicability, we recommend that you contact specialized, trained and accredited persons in the drafting and revision of documents of this type.

· Documents, drafts, templates, etc. available on the site do not cover / deal with any and all possible situations, giving you only the minimum elements / content for the type of document, draft or template in question. Such circumstances must be taken into account especially in the context in which you pursue a specific finality or want a certain clause in the relationship with the contractual partners. To ensure that such a finality is achieved, we recommend that you ensure that the provisions of the document, draft, template, etc. meet your particular needs and that, before completing and signing it, you read it in its entirety and understand the legal consequences.

· Assist Control cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind that the Customer, Users or Visitors or any third party may suffer as a result of Assist Control fulfilling any of its obligations under an order and for damages resulting from the use products after delivery and, in particular, for their loss. After receiving the Services, you are fully responsible for how and for what purpose you use them.

· By creating and using the Account, the User/Client assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account data (user and password) and for managing access to the Account and, to the extent permitted by the legislation in force, is responsible for the activity carried out through his Account, he or those to whom he grants / acknowledges access to it.

As a user or customer, you understand and agree to the following:

It is prohibited to use the Virtual Tour Web site in the following ways or for the following purposes:

· In violation of the Terms and Conditions of this document;

· Violating, in any way, the applicable legal provisions or through ways that may lead to the violation, in any way, of the applicable legal provisions;

· To disseminate false or erroneous information or to propagate misinformation, incitement to hatred or the like;

· In any way acting on the account and on behalf of another person, in particular by using false names, false email addresses, false phone numbers, etc.

· To defame other people, to make insults, accusations or offensive statements about any other person;

· To promote or hide illegal or immoral activities;

· To reproduce, in any way, the interface of the site, in order to mislead users, customers or potential customers that we have;

To create virtual tours and promote ANY KIND OF PORNOGRAPHY activities and/or content! This topic is completely forbidden on our platform!

To create virtual tours and promote ANY KIND OF PEDOPHILIA activities! This topic is completely forbidden on our platform!

To create virtual tours and promote ANY KIND OF activities related to DRUGS! Unless the content is based on medical research, this topic is completely forbidden on our platform!

· To gain unauthorized access to data that our visitors or customers have voluntarily provided to us;

· To introduce malicious programs or lines of code into the system;

· To request illegal information, products or services or to request information covering an illegal activity;

· To gain access to different sections or subsections of the site or to the products offered by us using illegal procedures.

· The Terms and Conditions in this section, as well as the use of our website, are governed by the laws in force in Romania. In the event of the appearance of any dispute relating to the contractual relationship or resulting from or in connection with its conclusion, interpretation, execution or termination, if it involves Assist Control and a legal entity, it will be resolved either through requests addressed to the courts materially competent from the Municipality of Bucharest, or through the arbitration of the Court of Arbitration attached to the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, according to its procedure and by a single arbitrator. The decision is final for the parties. Any party is granted the possibility of choosing one of the two ways of resolving disputes. If the dispute related to the contract report or resulting from or in connection with its conclusion, interpretation, execution or termination involves Assist Control and a natural person, it will be settled by the competent courts according to the law.

· We also inform you that, if you consider it necessary, you have the possibility to use the SOL (online dispute resolution) platform, present in the website interface, or to file a complaint addressed to ANPC in order to remedy any discrepancies or problems.

This document was updated on 28.12.2023.

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