360° Venue

Enhancing your venue with a virtual tour

A virtual 360 degree tour works by taking many photographs which overlap. They are then placed together to create a seamless image. Talking about it is easy, but actually pulling off high quality images is another. You cannot just manually hold a camera and it spin round a room. Otherwise you would not get the overlap correct and thus it would be nearly impossible to join together to make a flawless image. So instead the professionals will use a computer controlled camera and tripod, which makes tiny movements on the camera to take the photos. This makes joining the images quick and as the overlaps are uniform, they are correct- making a flawless virtual tour.

The images that are captured are normally of a very high quality which is better than HD. These high quality images once stitched together will then form one flawless image of immense quality. Your customer is then amazed at the quality of your venue. The current technology that displays virtual tours is excellent and gives you massive detail but is still not able to fully show off the image. Thus when the technology is available you won't have to recapture.

The method above is not the only way to go about capturing images. It is however the method that will get you the best quality. Certain companies will capture the images with a single lens system. These are great for estate agencies where it is cost over quality. The lenses will use a mirror to capture all 360 degrees in one shot. As you're cramming the full 360 degrees into one image you will have nowhere near a high quality HD image. Not only this but you won't be able to tilt up and down- just pan left and right. This is why they are good for estate agents who just need to get the image and then get onto the next client. When you are paying the big money for virtual tours, don't settle for less than top quality. This will be noticed by your sites visitors.

People think that they are going to struggle to host their virtual tour. All other VTWcompetitors will host it for you for the first year for free. Alternatively they can assist you in getting it hosted on the same server as your current website. It is less stressful than you think it would be to host. Typically your tour company will communicate directly with your web designer in getting the tour installed so all you need to do is pick the location on the website. Nevertheless, our platform is giving you the opportunity and possibility to download your virtual tour and host it on your own server! Furthermore: VTW is giving you the option to also download 360° video, video projects, presentation and the slideshow! 

Once the virtual tour is on your website, you can just sit back and let your customers love it. Companies will make different features available to your guests to use. This includes things like hotspots where a little pin is on the image and shows extra information when hovered over. This is especially good for giving people a brief outline before allowing them to click a link to take them to the full article. However it does not clutter up the image.